Here’s why we’re on a mission to help you breathe easy.

Here’s why we’re on a mission to help you breathe easy.

At AirTulip, we believe a good night's sleep shouldn't come at the cost of your health. The problem is that most people are sleeping in rooms with contaminated air – such as dust, pollen, smoke, germs, and viruses. This can lead to an array of health consequences, such as respiratory illnesses, cognitive issues, and heart disease. Viruses are also often spread through the air, posing even more threats to our wellbeing.

So although sleep has an array of benefits to our bodies and minds, we can still face serious health troubles if we’re inhaling contaminated air during the process.

As COVID-19 was declared an official pandemic, we wanted to make clean air more accessible and help reduce airborne spread of viruses and pollution. We decided to use our experiences in aeronautics, fluid mechanics, cleanroom technology, and product testing to create an air purifier that would create a completely shielded pocket of 100% clean air where you sleep.

But why did we want the air purifier to be where you sleep?

On average, humans spend up to one-third of their lives sleeping – equating to an average of 26 years spent asleep. If we’re spending such a large portion of our lives asleep, we believe we should be trying to make that sleep as healthy and restful as possible.

Many air purifiers are clunky and take up space, which can often lead to them sitting in storage or going unused. We thought that if we integrated an air purification system into something that is already used every day, people will be more likely to use it and will then regularly breathe clean air. That’s why we built our purification system into a headboard. It doesn’t take up space and can seamlessly blend into the design of your home.

We also found that most air purifiers don’t create completely pure pockets of air. Many systems mix the clean air with remaining contaminated air particles. This is why our system uses laminar airflow technology – a method of manipulating the airflow process to create a pocket of pure air with zero contaminated air particles.

The process of building the AirTulip Sleep wasn’t always easy. It’s taken over a year of research, prototyping, development, and testing to get the product exactly right. One of the most important features we wanted to include was making the purification setting whisper-quiet, so even if you’re a light sleeper you can sleep peacefully without any disruption. We also wanted to make it multi-functional, which is why we included optional features such as charging ports, ambient lighting, reading lamps, and storage.

We want to make it easier for people to bring clean air into their homes. However, this doesn’t just end with an air purifying headboard (although it’s a great start!). We’re working with the Eindhoven University of Technology to begin research into the relationship between clean air and sleeping quality. Together, we want to make a global impact by bringing clean air to the world.

At AirTulip, we want to use our knowledge and learnings to raise awareness, help educate people about indoor air quality, and enable them to live healthier lives.